Unrealistic Pitches

Unrealistic Pitches are ideas for comic books that I really like, but don’t believe have a shot at being made. They generally revolve around a total reboot to the continuity of a comic company’s properties. I don’t believe they have a shot at being made because they would require that I had some say in the direction in which major comic companies took their creative endeavors. So far, I’ve only written up some of my Marvel Universe ideas, but I have ideas for a total reboot of DC Comics, and a few notions bouncing around in my skull about what to do with the Valiant Universe, as well. If anyone is interested in a particular comic or set of comics, or would like to hear any of the ideas already written on expounded upon, just ask. It’s a fun exercise to come up with these things, and I would love to be challenged! (In point of fact, the X-men ideas came because a friend heard my ideas for DC titles, and asked what I’d do with the X-men!)

A few general guidelines I would enforce:
1) Characters would have a maximum of 2 solo titles (for especially popular characters – and these should be the exception, not the rule) and belong to no more than one team. In my opinion, oversaturation of the use of a character only waters down the impact of the stories involving that character.
2) Titles will only crossover when it will affect the future direction of the title. So if Spider-man shows up in a crossover, but it’s not going to have any bearing on the future of his own title(s), his own title(s) will not be a part of the crossover. For example, if the Daily Bugle is blown up, that has consequences for Spidey’s title, and you’ll see his title as part of the crossover. If, on the other hand, the Daily Bugle is attacked, but there is no long term effect, Spidey would be in the story, but his own title wouldn’t be a part of the crossover. (Basically, I would want to keep crossovers to a minimum, and only done when important to that title.)


The regular Marvel Universe has often been identified as Earth-616. While I love that it’s not Earth-1, it does beg the question: what happened in the original universe (Earth-1)? If Marvel ever wanted to do a reboot of their universe, I feel the best method would simply be to focus on this new, original universe and tell its tales. I would start this off in a month with five Wednesdays – beginning the reboot with either the first or last week of the month. That week would be dedicated to a series of specials mapping out related titles and what each will be like. So, for example, there would be an X-Men Special, a S.H.I.E.L.D. Special, a Cosmic Special, etc. These would each be oversized (say, 72 pages), and offered cheap (somewhere in the $1-2 range), to encourage people to pick up as many as possible, and let them have an idea of which titles in the coming month they’re going to want to pick up (ie. get them excited about what’s going to be coming out). In any case, here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

X-Men (and affiliated titles: New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Force, and Excalibur)

S.H.I.E.L.D. (and affiliated titles: Defenders and Avengers)

Cosmic titles (Fantastic Four, Nova, Thanos, The Starjammers, and a Galactic Anthology), Part One

Cosmic titles (Fantastic Four, Nova, Thanos, The Starjammers, and a Galactic Anthology), Part Two


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