Flash Fiction: Weekly Challenge, Christmas Edition

This week’s topic for the Weekly Challenge over at 100 Word Stories was “Christmas.” The basis for my entry, called “The Elven Curse,” was a silly scenario involving Christmas that a game master (hi, Morgie!) once ran our group through. I used it to explain a mystery from Lord of the Rings. How? Read the story over at 100 Word Stories‘ website! It’s only 100 words long, after all! 😉 (They really outdid themselves this time, too – if you listen to the podcast, it’s over 1 1/2 hours long! Lots of good stuff to listen and relax to this fine Christmas afternoon…)

My entry to last week’s Weekly Challenge was posted directly to the Flash Fiction tab here, because I screwed up and managed to forget to submit it. As such, I’ve nothing new to post to the website here (though if you missed it last week, feel free to check it out!) The topic of next week’s challenge is Return, which seems appropriate for a New Year’s edition.

So until next time, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! (And Happy Chanukah! Happy Yuletide! Happy Kwanzaa! And the all purpose Happy Holidays! And in case you don’t celebrate any of the previous, have a wonderful end of the year!) Be safe, but do something to tell the grandkids about! 😉


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