Flash Fiction: Weekly Challenge Failure

Well, I managed to write a story for this week’s challenge over at 100 Word Stories, but then had a brain freezed and forgot to e-mail it last night. So instead of being posted there, I simply posted it (along with last week’s entry, “Kudzu”) in the Flash Fiction tab on this blog. The topic had been “fingerprints,” and my entry would’ve been titled “Zero Tolerance.” I thought it was a fun, if simplistic, story about a serial killer. (Your tastes on the combination of “fun” and “serial killer” may differ, of course.) So feel free to check out the other entries at the 100 Word Stories’ website, or my own stories in the Flash Fiction tab on this blog (or both).

In any case, next week’s topic is, naturally, Christmas. I planned to work on it earlier – maybe even write two – but I couldn’t come up with anything last week. Thankfully, I came up with a concept today, so I shouldn’t have any problem finishing it before the deadline – and this time, I’ll make damn sure I send it in on time!


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