Future Plans

Well, I’ve completed a 100 Word Story, so I have something to submit for that website’s Weekly Challenge, posted on Sundays. I also began working on “Daniel Worthington’s Unrealistic Pitch for a total reboot of the Marvel Universe.” I refer to it as an “Unrealistic Pitch” because a) Marvel isn’t planning to do a reboot and b) I wouldn’t be in charge, even if they did! (I also have “what Daniel would’ve done with a total reboot of the DC Universe” that I’ll probably post that after I finish with Marvel…)

For a basic overview, I would relaunch with stories from Universe 1. (The Marvel Universe has long been referred to as Universe 616, so it’s a simple matter to begin again with the “first” universe.) I would do this starting in the fifth week of a five Wednesday month with several oversized (say, 72 pages), underpriced ($1-2 range) specials setting up the new continuity (an Avengers special, an X-men special, a Street Level special, etc.) followed by the new continuity the next month. I’ll talk about each in turn, starting with the X-titles…


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