NaNoWriMo: After Action Review

NaNoWriMo is over! Whew! And I won! Woot!

I managed to write 51,680 words in 30 days – that’s an average of 1,722 words a day!

Of course, the story isn’t done yet. I divided it into three parts, and I estimate it’ll end up being around 90,000 words when it’s all said and done – around 30,000 words for each part. Which means I’m closing in on the end of part two. Amusingly, I still don’t have a title for the beast yet – it’s still just “Untitled Fantasy.”

I’ve been told that, if you do something for 40 days, you make a habit of doing it; it’s easier to just keep doing it, because it’s becoming ingrained into your routine. So my plan is to keep writing for another 10 days to get there, then continue writing every day thereafter. I don’t plan to write as many words as I did in November, but I plan to keep pushing ahead, first with this novel, and then with other stories.

I have learned a lot during this time, though. Tuesday night/Wednesday mornings and Saturdays seem to be the best days for writing – I managed to write upwards of 4,000 words a day on those days. Mondays are the worst, with a maximum of 500 words written on any given Monday, but if I don’t write anything, I get a bit jittery. So I plan to write some on Mondays, but not to expect too much either. (I’m thinking it might be a good day to take a break from the big projects and write a 100 word story before diving back into the big project again on Tuesdays…)

I also felt guilty about writing anything that wasn’t directly related to the novel, since I had such a high word count to try to achieve (and I spent most of the time either behind or just caught up). Now that I’m able to set a more relaxed pace, I’ll be updating this blog more often. So check back often (I’ll still probably only update it once or twice a week, as I had been doing prior to November), and I’ll keep writing! Specifically, I plan to write more 100 word stories, and to practice pitching comic book story ideas, I’m going to write up a few pitches that I know would be rejected (such as my ideas, were I in charge at Marvel, for relaunching the Marvel Universe like DC did recently.)

In any case, I hope everyone who reads this blog has a wonderful holiday season – be good to one another, and let’s make the holidays joyful! As my favorite blessing says, “may the best of your past be the worst of your future.” Oh, heck, even if you don’t read this blog, I wish the same for you. 😉


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