Novel Prep: Exercise 16

I’m skipping Exercises 9-15. Exercises 9-11 and 15 were great, but I would be FAR too tempted to put it verbatim into the story, and since it’s not November 1st yet, that’s a no-no. As for Exercises 12-13, I felt I’d done those exercises already (I hadn’t realized the subject would be covered later on…) Exercise 14 is one I did write up, but the whole thing needed to be [Redacted], so there was no point in posting it. (Unfortunately, a quick scan of Exercises 17-19 showed me that these are going to be like Exercise 14 – I can, and will, do them, but I won’t be able to reveal any of what I wrote. Since the only other exercise, number 21, is to start writing the novel, this is going to be the last exercise I post.) So…on to Exercise 16!

Exercise 16: Write up a tag-line and back-cover blurb for your book.

Tag-line: As war descends once again upon the town of Freepass, secrets long buried will be revealed for all to see.

Back-cover blurb: The town of Freepass is nestled in the only possible path through the Created Mountains. The warring nations of Northern Rurik and Southern Jolan both view Freepass as a strategic necessity in their centuries’ long feud, though the town has never been defeated by either side…until now. Unfortunately, the town’s primary defense, the twin swords of the Chosen One, lies locked behind the impenetrable Gates of Heaven – its key lost to time.

As open conflict erupts once more, the brothers Kayin and Hevel are called on to find the missing key. Will Kayin accept his younger brother as the Chosen One, and can their strained kinship survive, when Hevel wants nothing more than to leave Freepass for good? If both brothers do not accept the fate the gods have chosen for them, Freepass will surely fall, unleashing full scale war upon the continent.


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