Novel Prep: Exercise 8

Exercise 8: Repeat everything done for characters 1 and 2 with a third character (ie. 5 paragraphs of information about the character, with an additional 5 paragraphs of the opposing side of those features, and two short term and one long term goals as well as the obstacles to overcome to achieve those goals.)


1. Devorah has prophetic dreams, one of which led her to become an acolyte and, eventually, the Priestess of the Temple. She has dedicated her life to the Lovers (the gods of the town), and tries to follow both her heart and her beliefs. This is the one area of her life where Devorah has no doubts.

   Opposed: All of her duties keep Devorah extremely busy, and she feels incredibly alone. She especially longs to hang out with her friends from childhood, Kayin and Hevel. Unfortunately, Kayin’s avoiding her, and Hevel is avoiding the Temple, both of which sadden her greatly.

2. She is the youngest Priestess in Freepass history, and takes her job as shepherdess to the people very seriously. She always goes the extra mile to insure that everyone is taken care of, spiritually and physically. She feels this is the greatest task of the Priestess, and the people love her for it.

   Opposed: The Priest of the Temple, who is technically in charge due to being “in office” for longer, finds the people’s devotion to the young Priestess to be a threat to his own position of authority. He became Priest upon the suspicious death of the previous Priest, and many of those old enough to remember the events do not accept his authority. He had nothing to do with the previous Priest’s death, but has grown bitter and is contemplating killing Devorah.

3. [Redacted]

4. Though she hides it, she knows that she is very sick, and will not be alive in another decade or less. She knows this because she’s experiencing the same symptoms that her mother had, which is also how she came up with the estimate for how long she has left. While the pain is manageable now, the disease is degenerative, though, and she is decidedly not looking forward to the last few years.

   Opposed: Though she’s trying to keep her sickness a secret (for now), the Matron of the Temple (kind of like the senior enlisted soldier of the temple) has noticed. The Matron hasn’t said anything because she thinks her puking is due to pregnancy (she’s assuming Kayin’s the dad), and she’s still figuring out a way to broach the subject. No one else even has that much of a clue.

5. [Redacted]

Short Term Goals:

1. Bring the people who’ve been absent from Temple back.

   Obstacle(s): A lot of them, like Hevel, are hunters, which is why she implemented prayer meetings before and after major hunting expeditions. This has been met with mixed response.

2. Tell her friends about her sickness – and just spend time with those she loves before she passes on.

   Obstacle(s): They’re avoiding her for one reason or another, and she’s afraid to tell anyone, anyway.

Long Term Goal:



Well, there’s character #3, and we’re starting to get into some of the planned twists and turns of the story (hence, all the “[Redacted]” stuff). We’re also getting into the exercises that I would probably end up including in the novel (and I can’t write any of the novel ahead of time, so I’m skipping those exercises, excellent as they are). So I’ll read ’em, and maybe take some notes, but from here on out, I won’t be posting every exercise like I have been…


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