Novel Prep: Exercise 6

Exercise 6: Provide a minimum of 2 short term and 1 long term goals for each of the characters. Creating links between the characters, and especially conflicting goals, is encouraged.


Short Term Goals:

1. Decide between the love of his life, or the life he’s always known

2. Pull off the ultimate prank

Long Term Goal:

Find his niche in the world – figure out a way to be comfortable within his own skin



Short Term Goals:

1. Be elected Elder

2. Start his next project: domesticating animals

Long Term Goal:

Establish a peace that will last beyond one generation by becoming Judge, the ultimate secular leader of the town.


It was a little difficult to decide what goals to give Hevel, beyond the first short term goal, as he isn’t sure what he wants from life, and the answer to the first goal could completely change the rest of his life, whichever way he decides. I ended up using that for his long term goal, and just threw in a second short term goal. Kayin has a lofty goal that he’s pursued since childhood, so he was easier to figure out.

Anyway, that’s another exercise done! Exercise 7 tomorrow! 🙂


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