Novel Prep: Exercise 5

Exercise 5: “Lather, Rinse, Repeat.” (ie. Repeat Exercises 1-4 for a second character.)


1. As the elder brother, Kayin is often jealous of Hevel’s surpassing successes. He is proud of his younger brother’s accomplishments, and wouldn’t want his brother to have succeeded less, only that he had succeeded more himself. That his younger brother can succeed greater than him makes him feel like a failure.

   Opposed: Kayin was secretly relieved when Hevel became a Hunter, as he feared Hevel would continue to outshine him. His success as an architect and farmer has mitigated his mental self- flagellation, though it’s his abilities as a swordsman that really help to ease his ego. It’s the one area that he’s better at than his brother…

2. Kayin is in love with the priestess, Devorah, though her vows require her to be celibate and unwed. He’s loved her since they were teenagers, and her decision to become an acolyte felt like a slap in the face. Now that the old priestess has passed away and Devorah has assumed the role of Priestess of the Temple, things have become even more complicated.

   Opposed: Time spent at the temple has become bittersweet since Devorah took over as Priestess of the Temple. Lately, time spent around Devorah only makes him feel empty and alone. His present solution, such as it is, is to try to be involved in the temple as much as possible, while avoiding Devorah with equal fervor.

3. Kayin doesn’t believe in his people’s god, but keeps this quiet, as he thinks of religion as useful for teaching the laws and providing a sense of community. He also sees it as a path toward advancement, and he’s right – he’s being considered for the position of Elder in the town leadership, in no small part because of his ties to the community through the temple. He is active in the temple, and volunteers for anything he can provide assistance with.

   Opposed: Time spent at the temple has become bittersweet since Devorah took over as Priestess of the Temple. Being an Elder would require him to spend more time with Devorah, and he’s no longer sure that’ s what he wants. Still, he doesn’t feel that there’s any alternative, and as such, he feels trapped by his ambitions and responsibilities to the town.

4. After his term as a sergeant in the militia, Kayin became known as a respected farmer, though he functions more as an architect for farmers. Kayin created greenhouses, allowing crops to be grown even in the long winters, and an irrigation system that allows them to use even more land for farming.

   Opposed: Though many are happy with his advancements, there is an undercurrent of worry surrounding them, too. War inevitably comes to Freepass, and the town survives in no small part because its citizens can go to ground in the mountains while the Chosen One leads the military in guerrilla warfare. There is a concern that this greater presence in the mountains will also make for a greater target when the next war comes.

5. Between farming and swordplay sparring, Kayin keeps himself in shape. Though he prefers to build than to work the ground, Kayin is not averse to physical work, and does his fair share of the labor. His evenings are spent sparring with whoever is interested, and he is often asked to teach the younger generation his technique with a sword.

   Opposed: Now in his early 30’s, Kayin is just beginning to slow.  Though no one in the town is a match for his skill with a sword, several late-teens/early 20’s are quickly growing in skill. It’s only a matter of time before he’s ousted from his position…


Well, I managed to get sick, which slowed down my ability and motivation to work on these exercises. Thankfully, I’ve got extra days to work on ’em, as I gave myself the month of October to do less than 20 exercises. Still, even though I’m feeling better (not 100%, but better than I was), I didn’t particularly care for the results of this exercise. I think I tied the character too closely to the first, which made him feel more cardboard cut-out. I’m going to have to work on him before I begin the story, I think – though this exercise was pretty helpful in showing me that fact!


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