Novel Prep: Exercise 2

Exercise 2: Write two more sentences to explain and support each of the five sentences from Exercise 1.


  1. Hevel looks up to his older brother, but chose a different path. Whereas Kayin chose to be an architect and farmer, Hevel chose to be a hunter and scout. Even after their separate careers were chosen, though, Hevel continues to seek Kayin’s advice on life in general.
  2. Hevel is a dedicated follower of his people’s god, though he believes faith is a private matter. Part of his enjoyment of his hunting profession is the excuse it gives him to skip various “required” religious meetings (though there are special holidays that even he cannot avoid). Even so, he prays daily and feels he is closer to his god than most of those who attend regular worship.
  3. Charisma and a head for tactics helped Hevel during his term in the militia. He advanced through the scouts, and eventually earned the rank of Lieutenant of the South Wall at an unprecedented age. Before he left the service, everyone assumed he would stay in and become the next Captain of the Guard.
  4. After his term in the militia was over, Hevel took up the profession of hunter. Even here, Hevel has distinguished himself as a leader, having led several expeditions to hunt some of the more fearsome beasts in the mountains. Still, when Hevel feels the need to think deeply upon important matters, he always chooses to hunt alone.
  5. Hevel is notorious for his mischievous nature, but rarely gets in trouble. His pranks are good natured, and his charming smile gets him out of whatever small amount of trouble his pranks get him into. Most often, he talks his brother and friends into aiding him in his mischief-making.
  6. The love of Hevel’s life was a foreign girl named Alina, who lived in the town itself. It is forbidden to marry a foreigner, so their love affair was kept secret. Foreigners are given a five year pass to live inside the town, and must leave to their respective country thereafter; it has been four years since she departed…


As you can see, I added a sixth sentence, mostly because I realized that Hevel’s military background and his hunting profession were pretty much both about employment, and thus, related fields. I also realized I’d neglected the poor guy’s love life, so I added it as a sixth category…


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