Novel Prep: Exercise 1

Exercise 1: Write five sentences about a character, each in different areas of the character’s life.

1. Hevel looks up to his older brother, but chose a different path.
2. Hevel is a dedicated follower of his people’s god, though he believes faith is a private matter.
3. Charisma and a head for tactics helped Hevel during his term in the militia.
4. After his term in the militia was over, Hevel took up the profession of hunter.
5. Hevel is notorious for his mischievous nature, but rarely gets in trouble.

Well, the first exercise sure was easy, as you can see. I spent a little more time looking at the rest of the exercises, and I noticed that most exercises build on the previous ones. So while this started out easy, it gets more and more in depth. I also saw a few that I’m going to have to skip because, as written, I’ll end up putting them into the book, and I don’t want that temptation (though in other circumstances, I think they’re brilliant ideas.) Also, exercise 21 is to start writing the novel, so that one’s gonna have to be put on hold until November 1st. Still, I think it’s a valuable resource, and I’m excited about getting started on it! 🙂


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