Review: I, Vampire #1

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Art by Andrea Sorrentino, Cover by Jenny Frison

Solicitation Info (from Previews): For hundreds of years, vampire Andrew Stanton kept mankind safe from the horrors of the supernatural world, thanks to a truce he made with his ex-lover Mary, the Queen of the Damned. But now that truce has reached a bloody end and Andrew must do everything in his power to stop Mary and her dark forces from going on a killing spree – and she plans to start with the heroes of the DCU!

Bias: I’m not sure what to make of this. It seems almost like Marvel’s X-men vs. vampires from a short bit ago, only with vampires trying to protect us from the other vampires. If it’s trying to cash in on the Twilight crowd, then I’m out. But if it’s a more mature approach to vampires (ala Scott Snyder’s American Vampire), then I could see me getting behind this. I guess we’ll see…

What I liked: It was definitely a more mature take on vampires, and the concept behind it was interesting (I liked that it wasn’t a human and a vampire, but two vampires with ideological differences). The artwork was dark and moody (perfect for the story). I was confused by whether the story was currently in the present time or the past (as the story kept bouncing between the two), until I realized that the shading between the two was different (reddish hues in the past, blue-ish hues in the present).

What I disliked: I think I’m just burned out on vampire stories. This was everything I asked for, and yet…it just wasn’t enough. I think that was because all of the action happened in the past. Very little was done in the present, and I wanted to know what was happening now.

Verdict: I’m giving this one more issue.

As always, SPOILERS in comments, including my favorite scene, thoughts on what happened, and questions about what’s to come.

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  1. My favorite part was the dichotomy of the two main characters. Andrew is older, more powerful, and believes in coexistence with humanity (to the point where he’s become a hunter of his own kind to insure the peace). Mary has the “public opinion” of the vampires backing her, and as such, has an army on her side. She wants to rule the world.

    If I understand the story correctly, Mary has tried this whole “let’s conquer the humans” thing before (when she formed her army in the past). If it didn’t work in the past, why does she think it’ll work now that Superman and the other heroes are around? (Although, I must say, I liked that their arrival is the impetus for her desire to conquer the world again – she’s jealous that they get to flaunt their super powers and she’s stuck in the shadows, hiding.)

    I was very confused by the story taking place in the past, in large part because I thought the woman vampire he was planning to kill was Mary. It might’ve been misleading on purpose, but since I was already confused, it just detracted from the enjoyment of the story as I struggled to figure out what was going on. Also, the story looped, so that the last page was set just before the first page of the comic, which made me wonder if it was present day, regardless of the coloration, and I was disappointed to realize that it was moments before the first page rather than telling us anything new.

    As for the mysterious, hooded woman from Flashpoint #5, she appears in the top panel of page 15, where she practically blends into the tree trunk on the far left of the panel.

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