Review: Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1

Written by Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone, Art by Yildiray Cinar, Cover by Ethan Van Sciver

Solicitation Info (from Previews): Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond. These two high school students are worlds apart – and now they’re drawn into a conspiracy of super-science that bonds them forever in a way they can’t explain or control. The dark secrets of the murderous Dog Team and its Firestorm Protocol force them to put aside their differences to confront a threat so terrifying that it may lead to a new Cold War! Welcome to a major new vision of nuclear terror from writers Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone with astonishing art by Yildiray Cinar!

Bias: One of the titles I’m most looking forward to this week. Gail Simone has mentioned that there will be more than two people involved in being Firestorm, and that there will be a document used by governments across the globe called “the Firestorm Protocols.” Color me intrigued – especially since I’ve always been a fan of this particular character.

What I liked: First and foremost, I liked that Ronnie and Jason don’t like each other, that we can understand why they don’t like each other, and yet, we can see both of their points of view (and like both of them ourselves.)

What I disliked: For the majority of the comic, Jason and Ronnie were still normal high school kids. While this was good for introducing the characters, it did drag a bit. The end of this issue certainly seemed to indicate that the second issue would pick up the pace a bit, and I certainly hope that’s the case.

Verdict: I’ll definitely collect this title, but I’m giving it one more issue to convince me not to wait for the trade paperbacks to come out to get more of the story in one go.

As always, SPOILERS in comments, including my favorite scene, thoughts on what happened, and questions about what’s to come.

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One response to “Review: Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1

  1. My favorite scene was the last two pages, when Fury shows up. Without that scene, I’d probably have given issue 2 a pass. I was enjoying the story to begin with, but by the time Ronnie and Jason transformed, my initial reaction was “finally!” So, of course, they spend the rest of the issue fighting amongst themselves. So when Fury shows up, it was another “finally” moment – although, while I expected them to join, I hadn’t realized it was going to be with a third consciousness in charge, so I didn’t actually get to a “finally” thought – I skipped right to “wow. That’s…interesting.” I can’t wait to see what’s done with issue 2 now that all the set-up is out of the way!

    There were a lot of questions from this issue…
    1) Is Professor Stein really dead? We’re told he died, but eyewitness accounts are notoriously bad (and deaths in comics, especially ones that take place off panel, are notoriously inaccurate.) Even if he’s dead, I loved the nod to the original Firestorm by including the Professor…
    2) What was Professor Stein’s plan? He seems to pick kids for this massive responsibility, and kids from around the world. How does he even know about Jason Rusch or Adem (the kid from the opening scene)? Why did he pick them, and to what purpose?
    3) Who is Fury? He’s formed when Jason and Ronnie merge, but he doesn’t seem to be either of the boy’s personalities. So where does he come from? In the interview at the end, it says that the boys will only choose to merge (implying that Fury is wrong that they’re gone for good) under the most terrifying circumstances (and that these situations would happen pretty often). I’ll be curious to learn more about Fury’s origins…
    4) What’s the deal with the scar on Loren’s face? Did she have a run in with Zorro? (Highly unlikely, but I couldn’t help but think it when I finally realized her scars formed a “z.”) Also, she appears to have been empowered (though not favorably, like Ronnie and Jason), so exactly how was she affected by the transformation?

    As for the mysterious, hooded woman from Flashpoint #5, she appears floating in the sky above where Ronnie and Jason burst out of the wall in the second panel down on page 29.

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