Review: Legion Lost #1

Written by Fabian Nicieza, Art & Cover by Pete Woods

Solicitation Info (from Previews): Seven heroes from the 31st century have traveled back to the present day. Their mission: Save their future from annihilation. But when the future tech they brought with them fails, they find themselves trapped in a nightmarish world that, for them, is the ultimate struggle to survive! Don’t miss the start of this all-new LEGION series illustrated by Pete Woods – fresh off his spectacular run on ACTION COMICS – who is joined by writer Fabian Nicieza (RED ROBIN)!

Bias: The only time I’ve collected Legion of Super Heroes was when Mark Waid was writing it, and I loved it then. I didn’t care so much for what came after that, and while I’ve heard good things about Paul Levitz’s run, I hadn’t yet found the time to try checking it out. So this might be a good time to check out the Legion stories again, starting with the Fabian Nicieza Legion Lost story. Besides, I’m a sucker for time travel stories…

What I liked: Time travel! While there wasn’t a lot of bouncing around the timestream (it was limited to where the Legionnaires come from and the present), there was a lot of situations involving the heroes forced to deal with the modern world on its own terms, which was fun.

What I disliked: There wasn’t enough of an introduction of the characters (especially for someone like me with only a peripheral knowledge of the Legion of Super Heroes), which led to more than a little confusion. The concept also seemed more suited to a mini- or maxi-series than an ongoing.

Verdict: I’ll probably collect this title, though it’ll need to find a reason to keep me in the long term, as I don’t see the plot lasting beyond a year or so.

As always, SPOILERS in comments, including my favorite scene, thoughts on what happened, and questions about what’s to come.

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  1. My favorite scene was a small one, but it amused the hell out of me, and set up an important facet of the story, namely, when Tyroc, Chameleon Girl, and Tellus attempted to fly after Brin…only to learn that their Legion Flight Rings aren’t working. The expressions were great – they all strike a dramatic pose, preparing to fly, and then look bewildered when it doesn’t work. (They’re able to use their own powers to fly, but they didn’t assume they’d have to – which I also loved. How many people drive a few blocks when they could easily walk?

    The important facet this set up was the fact that their future tech isn’t working properly. They’re still super powered beings, but the tools they’ve relied upon so heavily in the past are just not going to be available to them now. This was most noticeable with Dawnstar, whose heightened senses are making her more susceptible to the pollutants in the air, causing her to be nauseous and vomit several times.

    Which leads to our first question: why was Chameleon Girl nauseous? Was she infected with whatever plague the bad guy came back in time to release? And are we even going to find out? Supposedly, she and Gates died in the confusion of the exploding time sphere, after all. (Given that they set up this question, I have to think we’re going to learn she didn’t actually die…)

    The big question is: was the plague released? Who’s infected and how far will it spread? Are any of the heroes infected?

    I wasn’t as impressed with the fact that they stuck mostly to the wilderness, though I’m assuming that now that they’re trapped in the present, they’ll be venturing more into civilization (though maybe they’ll steer clear to avoid spreading the plague, just in case they’ve got it…)

    As for the mysterious, hooded woman from Flashpoint #5, she was in the top panel of page 14. She wasn’t in a crowd so much as standing in front of people fleeing the other way (which I found amusing and more truthful than most of the crowd situations we see in comics.)

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