Flash Fiction: Weekly Challenge and More

It’s been a while since I posted any of my own work, so to make up for that, I’m posting two! (Technically, I intended to post one last week, but got wrapped up in other things, and only realized I hadn’t posted it when I went to post this weeks. Go figure.)

The first story is for 100 Word Stories’ Weekly Challenge. This week’s topic was “Pick Two” – of the options, I chose “Hunger” and “Comet.” Yup, I wrote a zombie story (in 100 words!) – and even tied in the tragedy of 9/11 (since that’s the date of this week’s challenge, I thought it fitting to do so). It’s about a lesson I hope we don’t need a zombie apocalypse to learn, so I hope the story isn’t too preachy (if it is, at least it’s only 100 words! 😉 ) Next week’s topic is Run.

As always, I post the previous Weekly Challenge that I participated in once I write a new one, so my “First Contact” story is up under the Flash Fiction tab at the top. I’d definitely recommend listening to this one as opposed to just reading it (there’s a link for where it’s read aloud), as I used various sound effects to make it. (I used a speech to text website (ABC2MP3.com) to simulate a language translation device of the alien species, and a science fiction sound effect website (Absolute Sound Effects Archive) for some of their high tech equipment – I used the  Communications satellite sound effect under science fiction sounds.) Check it out, if you haven’t already! 🙂

The second story is called “I’m No Hero,” and though it’s a 100 Word Story, it was written for nowhere but here. It’s about a problem super heroes must overcome to do what they do. I thought the protagonist of the story came up with an interesting solution, though variants of it have been done before, to be sure. It, too, is posted under the Flash Fiction tab above (no audio recording for this one – sorry). Hope you enjoy!


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