Flash Fiction: Weekly Challenge #275

For this week, 100 Word Stories’ Weekly Challenge topic was “Armadillo,” and I honestly didn’t think I had anything to say on the subject. I was debating what to write on (as I’ve said previously, if I can’t get inspired by the topic, I’ll just write a flash fiction story on another topic and skip the challenge), but I decided to do my due dilligence and try to write on the topic. So I checked out the wikipedia entry on armadillos, and found inspiration therein. Who would’ve thunk it? 😉 In any case, my entry was entitled “The Armadillo Incident” – hope you enjoy it! Oh, and last week’s entry, “Parasitic Dreams,” is up under the Flash Fiction tab.

The topic for next week’s challenge is Falling. What to write, what to write… 🙂


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