Flash Fiction: Reading

I managed to fall into an old trap of starting story after story, and moving on to the next without finishing any of them. I’ll start a story, come to a sticking point, set it aside for a bit to think about it, fail to come up with a solution I find satisfactory, and eventually give up and move on to a new idea for a story that I’ve come up with in the interim. Worse yet, the story I’ve currently got up in the Short Story section, I’ve decided needs to be expanded upon, so it’s not even finalized. I thought I was much closer to finished stories than I truly am when I started this website, and I apologize for the time it’s taking me to get new content up.

I had assumed it would take me extra time to get everything up and running (just not this much time), so I’d also built in a plan to add more content: the 100 Word Stories. Unfortunately, I had no inspiration for the current crop of topics, and let that fall to the wayside as well.

Thankfully, I think I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I’m working on a story I started previously (having figured out a way through its sticking point), and feel I could have it finished in a week or so (though it’ll probably be a week or two after that before I post it, since I want to have it critiqued and edited.) I’ve also decided that, if I can’t find inspiration in topic for the 100 Word Stories’ Weekly Challenge, I’ll just write a story on a topic of my own choosing. So I should have weekly content going forward – starting now. I’ve posted a new story in the Flash Fiction tab (ironically, a topic from a previous Weekly Challenge that I couldn’t come up with anything for at the time) entitled “Reading.” I hope you enjoy it!


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