Odds and Ends

So…last week was characterized by frustration and failure. I was unable to finish the story for the Crimson Pact in time (in point of fact, I still haven’t finished it, though I still intend to do so), didn’t even attempt to write an entry for 100 Word Stories’ Weekly Challenge (my goal was to write one for each week’s contest for at least a year), and on top of it all, I failed to update this blog (not that I had a lot to add, given that nothing I wrote was completed, but at the very least, I did still have last week’s entry in the weekly challenge to post…) So all in all, not a good week. But here we are in this week, and I’ve updated the Flash Fiction tab above with the aforementioned “Atlantis Returns” story. Next week’s Weekly Challenge has the topic “Read,” and I’m batting around ideas for what to do with it.

The other thing I wanted to do with this blog was to review other people’s works that I’ve read. I’m thinking of amending that slightly. I’ve read on multiple author’s websites that they appreciate amazon reviews. So I’m thinking of posting reviews there, and linking to them from here… I’m only thinking about it, though, as I’m still debating the merits of each.

On the other hand, I have decided to review the DC Comics coming out in September, which I’ll post here (especially since amazon doesn’t sell individual issues of comic books.) DC is relaunching their entire line of comics in September, and a lot of continuity changes will be effected. They’re also shaking up the creative teams on each book. This means that I really don’t know which titles I’m going to want to read, and I’ve decided to give them all a chance. I’ll give each one issue to pursuade me to pick up the second issue, whittling down the number I purchase until I get to the ones I really want to continue collecting regularly. Most of these will be in tradepaperback format (in which case, if I decide to pick up the trades, I’ll stop picking up individual issues after the second issues – kinda pointless to pick up most of the story in individual issues, only to wait for the trade for the last couple…) If I’m worried that a title will be cancelled, I’ll pick up the individual issues through the storyarc (and beyond). If I just cannot wait until the story is complete to find out what happens next, I’ll pick up the individual issues. This is hard, though, as excitement is only a part of it – I have to feel that I got enough out of the individual issues to warrant picking them up separately. I was highly interested in Fear Itself (a crossover event put out by Marvel Comics) and the excitement was definitely there, but at the end of each of the first two issues, I was left with a sense of unfulfillment. So I’m going to pick up the trade when it comes out. On the other hand, I simply have to get the individual issues of Morning Glories (a comic put out by Image Comics) – it’s too damn good not to. So, when DC does it’s massive 52 title relaunch in September, I’ll review each and every issue. That aught to make Wednesday nights busy…


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