Flash Fiction: Weekly Challenge #266

A week has passed, and that means another Weekly Challenge (#266 – this week’s topic: “Bugs”) from the good people at 100 Word Stories. I attempted this one as well, and they were kind enough to include my submission, even though I managed to miss the submission deadline by 5 hours. (I promise to be more prompt in the future!) Did I mention that it’s a contest? That means that you can vote on entries. I mention this both so you can go vote this week, and especially to point out that I won last week! (I feel there are better stories than mine this week, though – especially Whiskey Day‘s story – so feel free to vote for whichever story you liked best!) The topic for next week’s challenge is Ocean, and I’ve already got a few ideas for what I want to do with it…

As promised, I posted last week’s story in the Flash Fiction tab above. It looks so lonely up there by itself, though – I may have to write something just to give it some company. 😉


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