Flash Fiction: Weekly Challenge #265

100 Word Stories has posted their Weekly Challenge #265, of which I participated with a story about time travel called “A Time For Everything.” I’m going to wait until next week’s challenge has been posted before putting the story in the “Flash Fiction” tab on this blog, so if you want to read it, head on over to the 100 Word Stories website to do so! At the end of the stories is a podcast with all of the stories, most of which (including my own) are read by the author – and previous podcasts had the moderator comment on the stories, so I’m curious to see what he says about mine. (I’m at work, so I can’t listen, though I intend to do so once I get home!)

There is a poll, so it’s possible to “win” the challenge, though the prize for winning is to set the topic for an upcoming challenge. Definitely nice, and I’d love to say I won, but there are a lot of good stories, and for me, it’s just about actually writing and getting my stories out into the aether.

Next Week’s Challenge has the topic of “Bugs” – I think I can do something with that… 🙂


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