I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to have a blank website for anyone that might follow the link from the 100 Word Stories‘ Weekly Challenge on Sunday. As such, I’ve decided to post my “Is She Real?” story (the one I previously mentioned was completed for the Creative Writing class I took at Collin College.)

I’ve been looking pretty closely at what Christian Cantrell and Steven Saus have to say about e-publishing, and I’ve come up with a very tentative plan. Namely, I’m going to post my newest short story in the tab next to “About” labeled “Short Story.” The story up there now is “Is She Real?” and will probably stay up there for a little while. The reason for that is because, when I put another story in it’s place, I want to have it formatted to be sold as an e-book through Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. The plan is to offer these individual stories for $0.99 (I think that’s the minimum I’m allowed to charge through their websites), and when I’ve got approximately 300 pages worth of stories (including the Flash Fiction stories), I’ll compile them into an anthology for $4.99 as an e-book, as well as look into self-publishing a hardcopy paperback book (maybe through Lulu, or a similar company – no idea what the price range would be on that).

Any story that’s less than 1,000 words will be available for free under a “Flash Fiction” tab – and I’ll just have them all posted there, not just the newest one. (I just can’t see charging people for such low word count – except in the case of anthologies, where the amount of them will have a cumulatively high word count…)

So that’s the “master plan,” which, frankly, scares me quite a bit. I don’t know how to do e-publishing. I’ve never tried to self-publish. I loved Mr. Cantrell’s request idea that “if you choose to read one of the free versions of <insert story>, I would really appreciate a quick tweet, Facebook mention, Amazon review, or blog post in return,” but I have no idea how to set up a facebook mention, and I would need to post the stories on Amazon before I could do the review link.  As a result, all of that will probably come more slowly, as I figure out how to do each part. Until then, I can post the story here (I know how to do that much!), so please do read it, and let me know what you think – good and bad. 🙂


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