Hi There!

My name is Daniel Worthington, and this is my blog dedicated to my own stories, as well as my thoughts on other people’s stories. I’m an avid lover of science fiction and especially fantasy, so much of what I write will be concerning such themes.

I just finished a creative writing class through the local Community College, Collin College. As such, I have one story finished and two more that need a bit of polishing before I’m ready to present them to the world.

I’ve also just heard about the Weekly Contest over at 100 Word Stories, and submitted a story for the next round. It’s decidedly hard to write a story in under 100 words, but it was a fun challenge, so I plan to participate each week. I’ll write a post linking to it each week that I actually do so. (That will probably be my next post, on Sunday.)

In any case, I should have more – hopefully a LOT more – to write in the days and weeks to come. See you around the web!


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